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植物慢遊 / 自然生活 歡迎回家

拿鞘 Nature 、Kamaro'an 住下來吧、Lahok Oding 曾秉芳,3家原住民品牌,以植物為主體,用不同樣貌展現對於文化的態度,



Botanic voyage/ Living with Nature. Welcome Home.

Nature Workshop, Kamaro’an and Lohok Oding endeavor to create art and design works to express their perceptions about this land from their observation of the tribal lifestyle and natural materials.

In the exhibition, you will discover the magnificence of plants from 3 local indigenous brands who share their cultural perspectives by applying these original materials to different features.

The 3 brands present authentic lifestyle together by applying natural material to create friendly value toward the mother nature.



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