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With all the negative publicity of excessive cultivation and plantation of betel nut trees by the hand of the greed; this unique tropical plant actually holds the symbol of, sacred ceremony, tales of romance, youthful recreation, and even daily utilities, which rooted deeply within the history and culture of our forefathers. By cherishing the gift of the land, consuming from nature, utilizing it into daily application; we strive to search and follow all possibility of using betel tree leaves from the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors and tribesmen. Our mission is to weave an inseparable bond between human and earth through innovation for the betterment of our relationship with the nature!

拿鞘 Nature」於 2016 年甫剛創業的,致力於將檳榔葉鞘再生設計,轉化成符合現代生活的用品,檳榔鞘葉,即是包覆檳榔樹幹的葉子,使用自然掉落於土地上的檳榔鞘葉,環保的再生利用,傳承祖先一直延續至今友善土地的智慧。