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Na Ciao , as natural as it resembles leaf sheaths, follows the natural texture and takes the natural path. 


Pick up the fallen betel nut leaf sheaths and have nature walk into our life. Through our craftsmanship, we transform the sheaths into reutilized green products, which is eco-friendly for both the earth and the environment. We believe that making the best use of everything is an attitude of respecting the nature and an inheritance of the tribal life wisdom. 


We expect cooperation in different fields to enhance the connection among one another, using the colors of the land to share with everybody the intrinsic nature of the land culture in Taiwan.



With all the negative publicity of excessive cultivation and plantation of betel nut trees by the hand of the greed; this unique tropical plant actually holds the symbol of, sacred ceremony, tales of romance, youthful recreation, and even daily utilities, which rooted deeply within the history and culture of our forefathers. By cherishing the gift of the land, consuming from nature, utilizing it into daily application; we strive to search and follow all possibility of using betel tree leaves from the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors and tribesmen. Our mission is to weave an inseparable bond between human and earth through innovation for the betterment of our relationship with the nature!

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